Sunday, May 18, 2014

Simone Martine Marie Q. Dimalibot                                                                   May 18, 2014
2012-61190                                                                                                         Reaction Paper


            When you see something as big and scary as Godzilla, all you can think of is how it wants to destroy anything in its way and how you’d escape its wrath once the creature is right in front of you. But as a saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover”, and it was truly seen in the film Godzilla (2014). It seems unbelievable that the King of the Monsters would be the one to save mankind but Dr. Serizawa figured out this valuable information, among others, through none other than science.

            Ford Brody’s father has spent years trying to figure out what killed his wife. The death was attributed to an earthquake, but he never gave up because he believed it was more than that. Ford even thought that his father was already bordering on crazy; but what made him realize that his father’s theories were right was again, science.

            Science also helped the military figure out their next move in order to prevent further destruction from the two creatures who were feeding off radiation. Through the combined knowledge from Ford Brody’s father and Dr. Serizawa’s research, they learned about the creatures’ intentions of meeting up and mating, therefore it made things easier for the military team to find them, and eventually defeat them.

            More than the film’s heart tugging message that we should value our loved ones like it’s our last day on earth, more than the stunning visual effects that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat because you feel like the monsters on screen are actually going to eat your face off, one realization that stuck with me which I will always remember is that no matter how crazy happenings around us get, science will get us closer to the answers to our questions. It is truly the reason why this world discovers something new each and every day.


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