Sunday, May 18, 2014

Marinela Isabelle M. Capistrano - Of Possibilities and Boundaries

Marinela Isabelle M. Capistrano
Of Possibilities and Boundaries
(A reaction paper on the forum with TJ Dimacali)
                  One of things that interested me the most during the forum with Mr. Dimacali, a science and technology journalist, was the talk on science fiction. The world of Sci-Fi is a world full of possibilities, creation, and imagination. It makes us realize how powerful and astounding the human mind is with its ability to think of things non-existent and seemingly impossible. Man is but an animal endowed with intelligence and creativity and he is capable of displaying such through the art of Sci-Fi.
                  Sci-Fi writers of the past, no matter how creative and imaginative they were with their futuristic ideas, were always limited by the existing technologies of their time. Now as the ‘future’ is getting closer and closer, more and more breakthroughs in science and technology are also coming our way. What man used to only think of in science fiction has now become part of reality in the modern world with the help of the more advanced technologies and sciences in the present. It is amazing how those technologies that seemed impossible have materialized into the popular gadgets and inventions we have today. 
                  I believe Sci-Fi has greatly influenced the world in many ways. For one, seeing space-age or ultramodern landscapes and lifestyles has probably captivated man so much that he (like myself) actually looks forward to seeing it happen someday. This interest in a futuristic world has probably challenged inventors and scientists to actually turn the real world into the world Sci-Fi writers have imagined. I believe that little by little we are getting there. We are transforming into a high-tech world of infinite possibilities. However, not all that is possible is good. Our imagination cannot be restricted but we can always choose what we create in the real world. Hopefully these would be technologies that are beneficial and not harmful to humanity.
I wonder if after a couple of years from now, there would already be flying vehicles used in regular transport and we could all just move to another planet if we wanted to.

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