Friday, May 16, 2014

Reaction on Inception

Krisna Dianne A. Mabasa                                                                                         
May 15, 2014

This is actually the third time that I’ve saw this movie, and it’s still amazes me. The concept of exploring dreams is so new and astounding. Being powerful in a dream (feeling like gods) is surely intoxicating. I understand Ariadne’s decision to come back to Cobb even after she experienced Mal’s interferences first hand. Making cities, building places, creating buildings that defy the laws of our natural world is something one could always be proud of. In this world, where everything is possible but not without consequences, imagination is everything. Arthur’s paradoxical stairs, Eames’ line of, “You don’t need to be afraid of imagining big.” Then he pulls out a very big gun that makes the entire area of the target explode. It would have been very nice to try because I think that that would be awesome. If I would be a part of Cobb’s team, maybe I would be like Arthur. The extractor. I don’t think I am imaginative enough to be an architect, but I would want to try it. I don’t think I could also be a forger because drama and plays had never been my strong suit. Though it would be cool to be the chemist, I can’t. I suck at chemistry.
As for the argument whether the last scene was reality or dream, I would say that it is reality. I could only think of two reasons. One, the spindle was almost toppling. Though it was not explicitly shown that when in limbo or in a dream, the spindle topples, in reality, it has been shown many times. Two, Cobb wore his wedding ring in dreams, in reality, he doesn’t. I have also seen lots of post about the ending of Inception.
If Inception really ended with Cobb being stuck in a dream, at least he was happy. Though it was not real, what he felt was real. One way or another, he would realize that he is in a dream and would come to a decision to leave his projections of his children and move on. It would leave psychological scars, but after what he endured in Limbo (being stuck in that further dream state for two times) and in different dreams with Mal interrupting, he would survive. I have come to believe that he is a strong man, especially when it comes to his children.

I would recommend another movie directed by Nolan, Memento. Like Inception, it was also described as ‘mindfuck’ and I personally believe in this. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s about a man with a sickness that prevents him to make new memories. His adventure in finding the killer of his wife is the main plot of this movie. Of course, there are twists, but what fun would it be if I spoiled you? J

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