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Ladublan Julius Ceazar M.

Ladublan Julius Ceazar M.
2012 25 211
STS 9am-11am

                                                            Birding(bird watching)

            Bird watching in U.P Campus has created the campus to Public tourist. There are different species of birds around the campus. Bird watchers took pictures of these birds. Early morning these bird watchers record these birds, habitats and traits. These watchers walk for about 20 minutes in random places around a designated hectares. Every birds they see they try to record and Identify them. Every day for 1 year they always record these birds. U.P campus has different species of Birds around. Most of them are often see early in the morning. Watchers go for walk early morning to take pictures of these birds. But these pictures can’t be sold or use for advertisement, unless they would give part to U.P.
            In order to preserve this birds we should take care of their environtment. We should plant trees and avoid cutting them down. We should take care of these bird so that they remain in within the visibility of U.P campus. Through these we can gain more publicity and to encourage people to know that we have these breed of birds.
            Bird watching is hard to do. In birding you have to devote your time to do these everyday for consistent record. You also need to be quite in order to see these birds. While walking you don’t want to distract the birds so they won’t fly away. Recording can help you to determine their differences. You also have to look closely and focus to these differences.
            Bird live along side us. Our society affects their society. Our environment is their home.  Birds often work early so these watchers should also work early.
            As the time goes by climate change, trees are running dry, in order to preserve these birds we must maintain their homes. We should water and grow trees more. Buildings and renovation takes place, soon trees are gone if we will not preserve this.
            We are the only campus which has this different society of birds. So we should be proud and protect these for the next generations to see.

Ladublan, Julius Ceazar M
2012 25 211
STS 9am-11am

                                                                   Beatiful Mind

            The movie was so interesting. I was amazed how John Nash’s minds work. The first part I enjoyed specially the first scene where he decodes the patterns in another man necktie. The movie tackles how his mind works. I never thought the he would create that Dillussion. It seems to be Reality. John nash’s mind is amazing, he can create another personas and make them real. John nash tried to think and solve life through equations which lead his mind to not function.

            The movie shows how Great our mind work, we may never know what can we create. The movie also shows how to determine what is reality from not. Excessive use of mind may lead to stress. Eyes and brains can’t see  what is true from not but heart can. In life we can always choose to do whatever we want. It is us what truths and false we’ll accept in life. Socializing with people can help our minds to be stress. It also helps us create possibilities of seeing what beautiful mind can do.
The movie beautiful mind is an inspirational movie on how can we define our minds.

Julius Ceazar M Ladublan                                                                                     reaction paper
STS 9-11

                                                            “Social Climber”

            Monkeys tend to work in a group. The group are composed by size and family.  The create their territories. The gathered food in groups to avoid Predetors, these mammals have created society which everyone has its own function in their group/society. These mammals have developed brains through repeated action and pattern of their daily living. Each members help each other. These mammals are closely related to us. They need to eat in order to survive. And they need to defend their selves from other Group, and predator. These mammals also know how to Groom, and make their population large. They use their sound to alert each one in the group to be safe. The use their abilities to climb trees and gather their food. Each of these mammals have different roles and abilities which they have in order to live.

                                                            “Food for Thought”

            As Mammals they need to eat in order to live. Their abilities improve as time goes by. The learn to create ways in order to get food. they learn to create materials using their environtment. As the time Goes by the food in which they are gathering are not enough to sustain their society/Group. They move from one place to another. They have learned to cross the water using their feet. They are now begin to learn by walking with feet. Their brains expands as they learn new things from gathering information and seeing what others do. These is related to our ethnic tribes which pass their culture orally and through actions like dancing and rituals.
            the evolution of the world started from experimenting and creating possibilities to create and learn new things. Now we have technology to produce our own need such as need in food. we have now created plantations using technology.  And it is in our nature to explore and expand our society.

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