Friday, May 23, 2014

MARCELO - Bird Watching

Lady Princess S. Marcelo 2010-54262   Bird Watching We had a speaker who talked about bird watching. He said that the University of the Philippines Diliman campus is one of the best bird watching sites because it has bird diversity. He showed a lot of pictures of birds that he said were taken in the campus. At first, I really don’t believe that we can find those birds around the campus because most of the time, I only see Maya or maybe I just don’t really pay attention to the birds. After the discussion, he gave us thirty minutes to walk around College of Science to observe, find and count each species of bird that e will see. Although it was not a very “ideal” time to do bird watching, we were able to find 6 species of birds. I am somehow amazed that we really have these cute and colorful birds around the campus. All we really need to do is pay attention, observe and be quiet because noise will drive the birds away. Hopefully, we could still have these birds around the campus so that future students will be able to see them. Because of this activity, I am now thinking of getting bird watching as one of my PEs.

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