Sunday, May 25, 2014

Living in a Dream

by Sarena P. Tarongoy

          Small ideas can lead us to think of bigger ideas and even lead us to put these ideas into work. What if these ideas only came from a dream? Will we going to believe it or just put these aside? Inception is a movie that made me wonder if we are really living in the real world or am I just dreaming, trapped in my own idea of a world.

          In the movie, Cobb and his group wanted to plant an idea in the mind of a young businessman named Robert Fischer, for him not to follow his father’s footsteps and dissolve their company. It is upon the request of the business competitor of the Fischers. This idea was transmitted to Fischer by invading the dream of Fischer.

          For me, dreams can truly change one’s point of view of things. Some people say that dreams are just some fruit of our imagination. In my case, I believe that these dreams can somehow tell us about the future. It is known to my friends that some or a lot of my dreams happen in the real world. As a consequence, I must not ignore these dreams and be more careful. I think there is really a connection in a person’s dream and his reality. The dream can only warn us about the challenges of reality but it can never be always true. In the case of the movie, we never knew if Cobb really came back to his kids or not. Is he already with his family or is he still living in his dream?

          What happens in our dreams must not be ignored. There is a line between a dream and a reality. We must know what to believe and we must follow what are hearts wanted us to do. Dreams are really more comfortable to live in since we can do anything there without limits. But if I were to choose, I’ll still live in this real world even though there are too many hardships that I can experience. They are parts of our lives, even dreams as well. But, am I really living in the real world –the reality? Or am I living in a dream?

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