Monday, May 19, 2014


Sheinna May D. Claro

Inception, is a fiction film about Cobb and his team who work in extracting ideas and secrets from dreams of corporate people to use it against them. At the beginning of the film, Cobb and his primary associate, Arthur, worked in extracting an information from Mr. Saito’s subconscious only to be sabotaged by Mal, Cobb’s deceased wife. Because they failed the assignment, Cobb and Arthur together with the other members of their team tried to flee. They were stopped by Mr. Saito’s offer for another job. Cobb and Arthur accepted Saito’s offer and formed a new team to get into Robert Fischer, Mr. Saito’s rival in business, and plant an idea, rather than steal one. All members of the team were able to wake up on the next kick except Cobb and Mr. Saito, who were left in Limbo for what appeared to be years in that dream. In the end, it was shown that Cobb and Mr. Saito were able to come out of the dream and Cobb was able to return to his kids although it was not confirmed if it was real.

When I first watched this movie years ago, I was not able to understand the concept behind inception. I was completely mind blown with the visual effects that I neglected what the movie was about. It was like watching without thinking and grasping anything. As I watched it again this time, I began to understand how complex the idea of inception is. For me, it is a work of art, though it might be illegal. The idea of sharing a dream fascinates me. You can be in a dream with someone dear to you and build a perfect world or you can be with the person you hate the most and start a war in the dream without physically hurting each other in the real world. It is not easy to plant an idea into someone else’s mind, it requires planning, skills and intelligence. Ordinary fugitives cannot do this trick. Only people of great minds and strong imagination could accomplish this kind of thing. I can think of a mixture of brutal and beautiful things to do while being in a dream within a dream. If I were part of the extraction or inception, I think I would be messing it up with unicorns and naked babies running around. I still do not have the proper mindset for this kind of things. But in the movie, it was a requirement for them to have a mature thinking, to minimize distractions and to accomplish the task right away. There is no room for errors because it might cause their life and sanity.

This movie opened my mind into the possibility that maybe somewhere out there, there really is an inception or extraction from the subconscious mind that is going on. It might be ongoing as an experiment or it might really be happening to those people who have a lot to keep and protect. Someone might be stealing ideas from someone and use it as his own without the consciousness of the other. If this is really happening, someone has to stop it because breaching through the subconscious of someone might lead to a bigger damage that cannot be undone.

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