Monday, May 26, 2014

PEROTE- Reaction Papers

PEROTE, Marian Veronica E. 
May 26, 2014


I can still remember the first time I watched “Inception”. I was viewing it in our
bedroom back in high school with my sister and all throughout the film I was filled with
questions. Did Cobb finally made his way home or was it all just another dream? Is it
really possible to practice shared dreaming and inception? Can I perform it myself? This
is the kind of movie that will really stick with you and play with your head even days
after watching it. I immediately Google-d it and read as much articles as I can to satisfy
my need of knowing what really happened.

The movie’s cast and crew was equally outstanding. DiCaprio never fails to be part
of these thrilling, intellectual and suspenseful films. And of course, Christopher Nolan
who is a personal favorite of mine for being the director of the recent Batman movies was
no exception. His creativity is truly out-of-this-world which is why he never fails to lure
the people to the cinemas. We also have Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page and Joseph

We are not blessed with the power of time. I mean economically speaking, it is the
most scare resource as my Economics professor, Winnie Monsod would always say. We
can’t just turn back time and undo what needs to be erased. That is why it is all the more
important to make the most out of every minute of everything; to make smart choices; to
make life not regretful. We may not always have the chance to to make up for our
mistakes. With this wrong choice, we may find ourselves rotting in the end of the road
and left with nothing. It is our choices that define us. They lead us to a path that may or
may not give us a happy ending.


Dr. Custer Deocaris is a scientist, entrepreneur, researcher, neurologist, advocate,
show host and producer. Yes, he is an all-around a guy; a jack of all trades. He obtained
his bachelor’s and masters degree at University of the Philippines-Diliman and his
doctorate at University of Tokyo. He has worked on Cell Engineering, Biomedical
research, written bills for milk code and "Reversing physical inactivity and strengthening
PE in schools" and even became a part of the media as an anchor in “Pinoy Scientist
Radio Show”. He has published notable works, received various honors and distinctions
including as a DOST Balik-Scientist.

He started young in building his dreams. When kids his age were playing cars he was
reading about Genetics and looking through his microscope. His passion for learning
brought him to where he is today. He did not work for money or fame but for the love of
Science. How many times can you meet someone like that today? In his life, he was
chasing the answers for his scientific research because he wanted to be of help to the
nation. Eventually, fame and fortune came looking for him.

Dr. Deocaris seems to be a very lucky man. Lucky? I guess you could say that but
apart from it what made him a big success is his passionate character. When he starts
working on something, he gives 101% of himself. “Okay” is never enough for this guy.
Why settle for less when you are so much capable of more? His story reminds me of
Ranchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad, the protagonist in the Bollywood film, “3 Idiots”. They have the same curiosity and thirst for knowledge; same level of devotedness to
learning and not to mention the same bubbly, bouncy, high-spirited character. The
character stood as an inspiration for me. He would say, “Pursue excellence, and success
will follow, pants down”. This has been my mantra since and I think this is what we
should all think. This is your recipe to success.

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