Saturday, May 24, 2014


Jasmin De Vera

What is a dream? Some say it isn't the reality but how one could distinguish a dream from reality if he is in a dream? There is no definite answer and it is really dificult since we are not even aware that we enter such state, we know when we come out, but never when we enter just as what an actor said. A dream is a visualization of the indefinite. It embodies a human imagination, desires, fears and capacities. It is a world where the impossible lies. It is a proof of how great one's mind can be that it can actually conceptualize a whole world by itself.

There are some studies which show that we can be aware that we are actually dreaming. This state is called lucid dreaming. It was actually practiced by some famous scientists and musicians who claimed that some of their discoveries were a product of dreaming.

It is amazing how time time flows quicker in a dream compared to a conscious state. It is said that we dream tens of dreams everytime we sleep but we can only remember a few, or none even. But it is indeed a mechanism of the human mind to save memory space- just imagine if we could remember all those dreams, a bunch of our memory would be full.

It is hard, indeed to study and understand the true nature of dreams. A question was thrown at our class – “Is dreaming pure science or existential?” Some said it is science, some said it's a mixture of both. But all were hypothetical, just opinions. As for me, for now since we do not know yet what science can bring us in the future is a mixture. Dreaming is a mixture of both since it involves neuroscientific explanations on how it occurs and how the mind can actually generate it. But how can science explain the linking dreams, the premonition-like tendencies of dreams and the likes, how? The concept of austral projections is also related to dreams. Many testimonies are claiming that austral projection is real and sometimes, what we think of as a dream is what our projections experience. Again, no proof and scientific explanations for these.

There was this movie entitled Inception where the dreams are utilized to extract informations in a human mind. The main character, Mr. Cobb, was able to enter one's dream and extract information from that person's subconsciousness. But the story evolved from the challenge to implant an idea in the mind instead. Being conscious and aware of their dream world is too risky. In the stroy, Mal, Cobb's wife, had been in the point when she could no longer distuingish dream from reality and eventually took her life in the belief that she would wake into the reality.

We may not know but it is possible that the world where we live today is a product of dreams. Innovations from unique ideas blended with extreme creativity are the future and those are exactly what dreams are giving us.

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