Monday, May 26, 2014

PAGULAYAN- Reaction Paper

Paul Simoune Pagulayan 
STS – X2
2011 – 37975

Reaction Paper about the Weather Topic

First off, let me just state that the bits of info we learned from the speaker tackling the weather and other phenomena may prove to be really useful especially in these last few weeks that the weather is not what we usually experience in this time of year. The explanation about the storms and El Nino and La Nina was also good knowledge to keep in mind.

For me, one of the most useful information that was discussed is how to read the clouds. Knowing which clouds are which and what each kind could indicate and even knowing an estimate duration can go long ways in planning out what to do for the day. It can greatly affect our everyday life and having that kind of knowledge can make a real difference.

Another good thing to know was how the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone(ITCZ) hits the Philippines because it has been unexplained whenever I watch the news on the weather.

The weather here in the Philippines is pretty unique as it is heavily hit by so many phenomenon from being a regular pathway for Storms, being affected by numerous cold fronts and monsoons while being directly hit by ITCZs. The PAGASA together with some other international organizations need to share more of the information about weather and climate better like what our speaker did because the ordinary Filipino citizen does not have said knowledge. It is also a vital action so that most of the news reports on the weather that have complicated circumstances would not be set aside but understood. The weather is a big factor for the Philippines and so that disasters such as Yolanda at least are minimized, we must be better informed and ready for the future.

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