Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mobile Internet

Jezaniah Dizon

Reaction Paper on Mobile Internet

Mobile phones started in the Philippines through mobilines in which Alcatel is one of the most famous brands. Since there were few telephone lines there were sharing of lines called party lines. Before all you can load were prepaid cards worth P300, P500 and P1000 and when companies noticed that Filipino citizens did not afford that they now offer loads as low as P10 and they even have pasaload and share-a-load services. As of now they also offer unlimited promo that is why it is not surprising that Philippines is the texting capital of the world.
The advancement of the technology of mobile phones is very fast and because of this internet is now available on our cellphones. There are already a huge number of cellphone users who use mobile internet but the speed of the internet is still an issue. Mobile internet is so slow and there were places that you are not able to access internet due to lack of signal. Also users always experience exceeding their plans for example they just avail the P500 plan but when they receive the bill the amount is greater than it. One reason is that there are applications that automatically connect to the internet that is why it is always important to check the permission when downloading an application.
Also, when bringing your cellphones abroad it is advisable to turn off your roaming or to be safer just buy another sim. Because if you use those sim cards there is chance that your bill might reach hundreds of thousands of pesos.

For me, the state of mobile internet in the Philippines is still poor and does not perform as well as those of other countries. Aside from giving poor and slow internet connection, mobile internet in the Philippines is also more expensive compared to other countries. With this I would suggest that they should focus on these problems before thinking of other technological advancements.

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