Monday, May 19, 2014

Reaction on Godzilla (waring: SPOILERS)

John Daryl B. Yu


            There's this show in National Geographic that evaluates the readiness of certain people when an apocalyptic event happens like an EMP attack or an eruption of the Yellowcake volcano. They have gone through the extra mile just to be prepared when those happened. Although surely none of them has prepared for a monster attack. The film Godzilla has shown us how helpless we are when that scenario happens. Well of course, the film exaggerated on the possible effects of our nuclear technologies. But no doubt, it has an effect. One example is the bombing of Japan. Up until now, the citizens from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still affected by the after effects of the bomb. Mutations were reported because of the great amount of radiation in those 2 cities. It's kind of scary to think that 2 bombs can affect millions of lives in a certain area even after the explosion. 

            Basically that's why the film Godzilla was made. Japan needed inspiration that they can get back up after that tragic incident. With the use of Godzilla, it portrayed how Mother Nature has ways to balance herself. This fictitious alpha predator was considered as the savior of humanity against those radiation-eating monsters. The movie might be unrealistic but it has a great lesson in the end. It showed us that nature will and always be in control and not us. Whenever we try to control our surroundings there will always be effects that maybe much worse than the benefits that we get from that change. We should be responsible for every action we take especially when a great deal of people may be involved. I just hope that there will never come a time when all that we can do is ask ourselves the question "What have we done?"

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