Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reaction on Women's rights and ICT

Ma. Cielo Amor C. Griño

The Internet is the most important technology in modern times. Its use is not limited to personal affairs but also to academic and professional concerns. With the use of its search engines, it helps people find information faster in less than a minute. Internet is proved to be more useful in terms of connecting people. Ever since a Harvard Student invented the most popular social networking site of the 21st century, Facebook, people are more connected as possible. A simple click of a button allows chatting, posting and even seeing the other person right through your computer screen.
        Apart from the convenience the Internet has given us, it can also serve as a medium for promoting discrimination among its users. Unlike the physical bullying one may experience in school, the internet users are introduce to a new form called cyberbullying. Because the Internet provides a cloak of anonymity for anyone, this can be used as an advantage for internet bullies to its victims. Internet users especially women are prone to cyberbullying. Examples are the Sex tapes of famous celebrities being posted on YouTube. With just one click, a video of your most intimate moment with your partner is broadcasted all over the world. Another example is Photoshop-ing people onto sexy bodies. Most victims are women. Without having their consent, the picture is posted online for other to see. This not only gives prejudice to the ones involved but also re-victimization because of giving the other viewers the ability to repost and download the video or picture.
Since various cases about cyberbullying happen every day, our government is trying to construct a new law concerning these instances. However, the people in the government are not well versed in using the cyberspace that it’s impossible for them to understand the dilemma of us who do. To have a law that truly fixes the problems of the internet users of the country, the lawmakers should make an effort to know and learn the concept, itself, to be able to connect with its users. The fight to internet safety and freedom is still on its peak and it will continue as long as we, the users, fully understand our rights and problems that needs to be fixed. After all, Science and technology should endorse freedom rather than magnifying our fears. 

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