Tuesday, May 13, 2014


By Allen Alcaide

    I have never been so interested and amazed by monkeys. Before, I thought I already knew almost everything about them. But afterwatching this documentary, I realized that I was wrong. It provided us so much information about monkeys especially in their lifestyle and survival. 

    The episode of Social Climbers showed that there are several types of monkeys that also have different lifestyles. They are quite different from the monkeys that can be seen in the zoo. This made me realized how important natural habitat is to animals. It also showed how good they are in looking and getting food. Some of them crack or smash clams on a tree in order to get the food inside, while others catch insects. We have seen nocturnal monkeys that search for food at night to avoid predators and monkeys that eats a sticky thing that are found on tree trunks. A group of monkeys really amazed me when they alert and warn each other when a common predator is near. They create sounds that varies with the kind of predator that is around. For me, monkeys don't seem scary and harmful at all but they can be violent when irritated.

    The final episode which is the Food for Thought, is about the concept of human evolution. It featured the apes which is considered to be closest to us humans. The documentary even showed footprints of primates. We also learned that monkeys have the ability to gain knowledge and imitate people. It is so amazing to see an animal who can travel by using a boat. They have the capacity to learn through experiences and passing it on to form a culture. Just like us. Because of these, I became more interested on monkeys. The size of their brain is bigger that other mammals and this is probably the reason why we believe they are smarter than any other animals. I was so amazed by watching the monkeys as they act almost the same as humans. Different species of them also means different culture. They have a class system in which higher rank monkeys have greater privilages. 

    After watching these two episodes, it really made realize that monkeys are probably the smartest of all animals and they resemble humans. And just like these monkeys, our environment is very essential to our survival. So it is our responsibility to take care of our nature and protect our natural resources for this is one of the wonderful gifts that we have ever received. We must educate other people and everyone must be aware how serious global warming and climate change is. Overall, the documentary is very educational and interesting. I really enjoyed watching it.

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