Friday, May 23, 2014

RIZABAL - Awareness for Weather Forecasts

Karl Derrick S. Rizabal

In March 15, 2014, Robert B. Badrina came to our class to conduct a lecture about Meteorology. The presentation was titled “Internet Based information for Meteorological Application”. In the first part, the speaker taught us about the Fundamentals of Meteorology, which included the cloud formations, factors affecting the weather and the different weather systems. Using the first part, he then taught us how to read weather maps. Lastly, he gave us sites in the internet to use as references for weather forecasts in the future.

I really find this lecture about Meteorology useful. As someone who has experienced a very strong typhoon, I can have more information on incoming typhoons in the future. Using this information, I can prepare for upcoming weather disturbances in the future and inform other people about the impending danger.

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