Friday, May 9, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

2011 - 44553

The A Beautiful Mind is a film adaptation of John Nash's biography; starting from his stay in Princeton University, his personal life, by the time he had an illness and grave concerns because of it, and up to the point that he was able to just live with it.

At first, I was not really interested to watch the film because I thought it was just a common film that will show a mathematician's boring life story. Time was a big concern and it took three meetings just to finish the film, alongside with the feedbacks from each group. I am really not a fan of watching movies that stars mathematicians or scientists, but I am interested only with their discoveries. I also thought that it would be a boring adaptation of John Nash's life.

Honestly speaking, the first part of the film was boring and kind of the usual. Surprisingly, I got interested with the movie during the part when a woman, who turned out to be his ever-supportive wife, was flirting with him and even asked him out. I may sound shallow, but it is quite unusual for me that people like John Nash would attract women given that he was known to be of some degree of weirdness. I even wanted to finish the film, in spite of the fact that my next class starts by 11am. The turn of events of the film was really good; I was not able to get a hint of what would be the next thing that will happen or what will the characters be in the following scenes. I really got into the movie and got so interested that I started making up my own conclusions for every scene.

With regards to the life of John Nash, it was really a whirlwind of events. All along, I thought that he really had his colleague, his "secret mission", and his colleague's niece. We all know that it was because he was schizophrenic: he had hallucinations relating to the abovementioned people. In my opinion, I think it could be due to the fact that most people, who are coined as geniuses of their times, become socially awkward; to the point that they become capable of creating their own environment, where their wants and desires are possible. I got touched by how patient and determined John's wife was all throughout the endeavors that she and John faced. There was a part that she was about to give up, but she realized that she should be the last to do so. Out of love, she did everything to help her husband recover, or in this case cope up with John's illness.

Lastly, I am absolutely affirmative that the title of the film, A Beautiful Mind, is the most appropriate for it because of two reasons. First, it is very symbolic of how powerful our minds are. It encapsulates the extremities of where our minds could take us and what it could do to us. Second, John Nash showed how great his mind was, beautiful as I may say. He had so many discoveries that became useful from his time up to ours, and he even got a Nobel Prize, but what really gives his mind a definition of "beautiful" was the fact that he was able to control his mind. He was able to ignore the hallucinations that he had, and he just lived with it. There was no way of getting rid of it, not even medications could help him. His mind was really of beauty, its power and capability to surpass what others think is impossible.

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