Friday, May 9, 2014

A Beautiful Mind

by Christel Castro

The movie "A Beautiful Mind" featured the life of John Nash who is very intelligent especially in the field of Mathematics but lacked interpersonal skills. He was also teased a lot and was always left alone because he think of Math too much and people started to think that he is weird.  But then, he met a beautiful girl who became his wife years later. Several months after their marriage, John started acting really weird and because of that, he was brought in to a mental hospital. The doctor diagnosed that he was a Schizophrenic, a mental disorder that makes the patient have delusions and so, his behavior is affected as well. His wife finally realized why John was acting strange lately. He took medication but that did not solve the problem. There was even a time when he almost killed his own son because he stopped taking his medicines without his wife knowing. But despite his illness, John still continued teaching and had received a Nobel Prize award for his contributions in Math.

This movie really inspired me a lot. Knowing that it was a true story, I felt satisfied and motivated at the same time. I realized that I am so lucky for not being able to experience everything he has undergone and because I did not suffer as much as he did because of his illness. I also felt motivated because of how he fought the trials that hindered him from living a normal life. He exerted greater effort in overcoming those trials and he succeeded. He did not give up and continued doing what he loves to do and in the end, all his effort paid off. He won the Nobel Prize Award and many people have witnessed that he deserved it. Another inspiring part in the story is how John’s wife took care of him. Living with a schizophrenic is really something burdensome but she did not give up on John. She visited him everyday when he was still staying at the mental institution, she would remind him to take his medicines on time and she was very patient with him everytime he can’t fulfill his duty as her husband. And when John received the award, he said that love helped him a lot in moving forward and that shows how grateful he is to his wife.

I think that everybody can relate to this movie and can get a lot from it. One is that determination really contributes a lot. When you put your heart and mind to something, you can do it, you will be able to do it. Second, love is indeed powerful. It can and will defeat any trial that comes our way as long as we believe in its power. Last is that hardwork really pays off. Having disabilities or illnesses is not an excuse for giving up. If you are unable to do something, it just means that you have to exert greater effort.  We should not be taken aback just because we can’t do this and that. Instead, we should use our weaknesses as our motivation to strive harder. 

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