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Cacatian, Lean Angelo D. - Dreams

Cacatian, Lean Angelo D.                                                                                                                                            2013-57145
Dreams do come true. Apparently, a lot of my dreams do come true. Not the dreams of being someone someday but the dreams that I see during my sleep. De Javu, or so it is called, has been normal in my life. Some of my dreams that seemed so real became reality and this was really awesome and at the same time creepy. I didn’t know if I was just making things up in my head so I made a dream journal to remember my dreams more vividly and not just think that I dreamt of it. This really made me realize more that my dreams really do come true.
In the documentary that we watched about dreams they tackled the process on how we dream or go into the dream state. It has different stages one of which being the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. This stage is where you are dreaming and in this state you are paralyzed in order to keep your body safe. The documentary showed different views of different people in REM sleep.
Another important idea that the documentary stated is lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is the state that you know that you are dreaming therefore you could control your dream and move freely in your dream. This is not the first time I have heard this kind of dreaming and have researched about it online and there are said different ways on how to improve and eventually be a lucid dreamer. A person in the documentary stated that you must first be dedicated in dreaming. Dedicated in a sense that when you sleep; you anticipate that you will dream, so that if you dream you would know and be consciously dreaming. For me this is the hardest part of trying to improve on your lucid dreaming skills because apparently not every day you could see the dream that you are dreaming. In my case, there are nights that I don’t dream at all or at least not remembering that I dreamt that night.
Because of this document I saw the opportunities and other things that I could do if I master the art of dreaming. There are limitless ways that I could use dreams. For example, I could study using my dreams. It would be the most efficient way in order to have an uno in every subject. But I think that just by dreaming and controlling your dream you could have the best fun in the world and it’s your own world also. This documentary also made me realize that I am not the only one who has been experiencing this weird kind of dreams. I was shocked that a lot of my classmates in STS have been experiencing different things while they are sleeping like sleep paralysis and other dreaming stuff. I hope that after watching this documentary I could further improve my dreaming skills and I also hope that my dreams would continue coming true not just in my dreams but also in real life.

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