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Reaction: A Beautiful Mind

Krisna Dianne A. Mabasa                                                                                         May 10, 2012
2012-29764                                                                                                               STS-X2
A Beautiful Mind
            John Nash is an amazing man. Despite what the society this of him, he is an intelligent and strong man. He overcame his schizophrenia by what he does best, thinking, rationalizing and trying to solve the problem. My group mate said that the film became notorious because of the idea that one could overcome schizophrenia without medical help or the expensive medications. It is such a nice idea, but what John Nash did―letting go of his perceived personalities―was hard. They were there for a reason.
            I believe that his best friend, Charles, was created out of his need for social interaction, friendship and even his loneliness. I noted that Charles was the very opposite of John. He is outgoing, friendly, doesn’t care about academics, and prideful. I think that he wanted to be like him. To overcome his social awkwardness and finally have a normal connection with other people. The niece, Marcee, was created out of his idea of family and the nervousness of becoming a father. He practiced how to care for another so that he could be the best father to his son. Lastly, the military leader, William, was created out of his need to be important, for his work to be noticed. While it is great that he could see patterns and codes out of normal articles and stories, it is also a sign of his illness.
            For me, his illness is understandable. To borrow a phrase from my classmate, “Most scientists are nuts.” Their natural born mental capacity, while beautiful and remarkable, is also a double edged sword. Few can walk the fine line between sanity and insanity while carrying the heavy weight of their emotional burden and their innate knowledge. The degree and intensity of John Nash’s want for company became the start and cause of his illness.
            His story is inspiring and different. I can’t really relate to his story because I’m neither a genius nor a person with schizophrenia (nor do I know a person with it), however it doesn’t make the story less appealing not heartwarming. This showed the side of a person with the illness. It made us understand the situation. People are naturally judgmental, and this film helped us understand and warned us not to be like the people who insulted and mocked John Nash. He might be strong but others might not be. After all, the opinion of the society surrounding the scientist affected him. It is important to even a person without his condition, why would we think that it is less important to a person with such a sensitive condition?

            This film is a mix of a lesson and another story that shall inspire all people who have watched it. No matter how alone we might be, we shall always remember that there will always be someone to help us. People perceive this someone in different ways―some might say that this refer to friends, family, a special someone, or even a divine person that will always be there for them, unconditionally, and unfailingly. For John Nash, it had been himself, and while people might view it as twisted or wrong or sick, it had helped him through the roughest of times. Let this film remind us that we are all different in millions of ways, and this doesn’t warrant anyone to judge others.

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