Sunday, May 11, 2014

ANDAYA - Bird Watching

I find it ridiculous that there is a PE subject Bird watching when I was a freshman since a recurring question in my head is that “Is it really possible that there are lots of species of birds in a school campus enough to have a subject about it?” But the truth is revealed after Prof. Benjamin Vallejo lectured us about bird watching. I’ve learned that there are actually more than 50 species of birds that can be seen in the campus for those who are keen and patient to look for them. And it is not a simple hobby since habitual bird watching can give you data if there are changes in the environment.
As an activity, we are instructed to go outside, have some sunshine and look for birds around the area. We random walked around the area and it was so random we have no idea where to go. Since the sun is already high up in the sky, it became harder for us to look since it required us to look at the canopy of the trees which are very high. But luckily, we managed to see a few species at the last minutes.
While doing the activity, I remembered a story I’ve read before. It is about a young man instructed to take a stroll in a palace while holding a teaspoon with drops of oil. Since he was so focused on not letting the oil drop, he was unable to see the different artifacts and rare objects in the palace. While on the second trip, he immersed himself in the beauty of the palace completely forgetting about the oil in the spoon. And from this, we must learn to look at the wonders of the world and never forgetting the oil on the spoon. At some point, we are like the young man in the first trip. We are completely unaware of what is around us and all we think about is the different tasks that we have. And the moment we saw those wonderful things, we must not forget our responsibilities and one of those is preserving those wonderful things that we have. It is saddening to see that our society is only developing infrastructures. I rarely or haven’t heard a news wherein a land is reclaimed to be designated as a nature sanctuary. But it is the reality, and the best thing that we can do is awareness to other people that our environment is degrading to a point it will be hard to fix. Being alone will hardly reach you anywhere but having more people know about the problem and striving to fix it can definitely push some progress.

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