Sunday, May 11, 2014

PAGULAYAN - Reaction about the BBC Documentary

The BBC documentary divided into 2 parts: The Social Climbers and Food for Thought was a very intriguing documentary mostly about monkeys and also evolution and how further mankind can prosper and develop.
The first part being “The Social Climbers” brings us a different worldview on monkeys and gives a more thorough explanation on how they behave and other basic information. It shows that not only mankind has the so called ‘social groups’ and that monkeys also have their own social hierarchy at which they develop and maintain within their group. The species detailed in this part of the documentary are mostly monkeys that form groups for the sake of survival and all have their own specialization in food gathering allowing them to live harmoniously with other groups of animals. Personally, I feel that the group system at which these monkeys have formed for themselves can also be called a developed culture. Groups exist in the first place due to the need of it for better survival of the species and the social system needed in the group was later established in order for the group do coordinate better usually when it is time for food gathering. One of the best things I’ve learned for the first part of the documentary is the cohesiveness of the different groups of animals living near each other to better each other’s survival albeit indirectly is actually possible in the first place.
Moving on to the second part being “Food for Thought” which is partly a continuation of the explanation for the social implications of groups to different species of monkeys but also a description on how closely mankind is related to some species. It then turns to a further explanation on some theories of how evolution came to be from monkeys to the ancient apeman which later became the humans that inhabit today’s world. It ends with the showing of the future possibilities of humankind particularly the possibility of having a colony outside Earth. The second part of the documentary was a really good rundown of mankind’s history stemming from the monkeys that were discussed earlier. The possibilities it showed and the technology developed throughout history was astounding to say the least.
To finish off, the documentary really showed a lot of characteristics of monkeys that we humans could be said to have ‘inherited’ and it showed more implications at which evolution took place. It was a really good piece of work that defined the species of monkeys and also that of humans as a whole in a well-mannered pace and also done a great job at stemming out future possibilities and capabilities available for us as a race.

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