Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction : Birding

John Daryl B. Yu
STS X2 (Group <3 STS)

            Until now, I'm still not used to the word "birding" being used as a shortcut for bird watching. Maybe it's because I only discovered that this activity exists only when I entered UP. I even laughed when I first heard that birdwatching is a PE subject in the university. I thought it's a ridiculous and boring PE to take because all you do is look up and watch birds fly. It is only recently that I discovered the true joy of birdwatching.

            When Mr. Vallejo entered our room, I assumed that he'll be discussing some deep science topic or other important and serious issues that concern about science and technology. I later found out that we would be talking about birds for the next one and a half hours. Again, I was shocked that we would be able to experience birdwatching for 20 minutes. Honestly, I was excited that time because before we were instructed to go outside, Mr. Vallejo showed us that there are more than fifty species of bird in UP. I never imagined that there would be that many kinds of bird in the campus. I thought that there would only be, more or less, ten different species! That's what I thought because I never really focused on the birds whenever i walk around the academic oval or in other places in UP. After the brief discussion about the birds that we might be able to see, that's the time when we were allowed to wander outside. Another term that was used in birdwatching is "random walking". The professor said that it's just like you're walking in a mall with no plans of buying and looking for a certain item. I thought it would be hard to walk randomly but because we were chatting while doing the activity, we accidentally did it! During the span of twenty minutes, we were able to see a lot of Maya and a few other common birds as well. Although we weren't able to see some of the uncommon and rare birds in the vicinity, it was still a good experience because we were able to strengthen the bond of our group while we searched for birds around the CS area.

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