Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaction: Life of Mammals

John Daryl B. Yu
STS X2 (Group <3 STS)
Honesty, I really thought that I'll accidentally fall asleep while watching the film. I mean the title looks boring so I automatically assumed that the whole film is also boring. I was wrong. In fact, it was very interesting! I'm not sure if it's the cute video clips of monkeys or the facts about them or even the narrator himself that made the film not boring. What I am sure is that I surely learned something new about monkeys and evolution of man because of the film.
First is, "monkeys are social climbers!" I thought that this statement is just a joke or some pun that have a deeper meaning but they really are social climbers! They have a complex system in which they strictly follow even without proper documentation like what we humans do. It's amazing because they definitely need a high amount of IQ in order to make or just even follow their social system. High IQ isn't the only thing that's fascinating about monkeys, they have special abilities depending on their location. They have developed certain characteristics like sharp claws or powerful jaws in order to suit their environment and for them to survive. It made me think how the first human came about and how we turn into who we are today. Lastly, because of their high IQ, they also have developed culture! These monkeys, particularly the Chimpanzees, tend to imitate what their elders are doing. Because of this, they have developed various skills and techniques like the way they crack nuts, use a wooden "straw" to sip and many more.
After watching the film, I have reflected upon so many things about the evolution of man. If we have evolved from monkeys then it is almost certain that we will further evolve into something. I wonder how we will look like. What will be developed in our current body and mind? What will happen to the older version of humans when a new breed or evolution rises?

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